Inter-Parliamentarian Consultation On Freedom Of Religion Or Belief In Latin America


The Consultation is an initiative from IPPFoRB Latin America designed to bring together Parliamentarians from across the hemisphere to share experiences and examine ways in which we may combine research and practical transformational responses to the violations of Religious Freedom in the hemisphere. The consultation will consider some regional and local issues, and explore existing models and initiatives from around the world to improve and promote FoRB.



• Increasing the unity and co-working of the regional group of parliamentarians from the hemisphere.
• Presenting the scenario of current FoRB violations on a national and regional perspective.
• Resourcing and equipping parliamentarians to be FoRB advocates in multilateral forums.
• Developing collaborative tools for parliamentarians to evaluate the benefits and harms of the current national legislations on FoRB.
• Fostering contacts, co-ordination, and the exchange of experience among parliaments and parliamentarians from Latin America.
• Developing educational and advocacy resources for parliamentarians to assist them to engage on FoRB related issues.
• Providing a platform for young and emerging parliamentarians interested in being FoRB advocates.

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